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What to expect

Chiropractic care involves a series of visits with each one building on the one before.  The best chiropractor patient relationships are built on trust therefore we strive to make everything as informative as possible and answer all your questions.  The more you understand the better you’ll feel.

The initial consultation will last approximately 1 hour.  You will be required to give some personal details (name, address, date of birth) which will be kept either manually or on computer and be completely confidential.

The chiropractor will then ask a number of questions about the complaint you are seeking help for, previous conditions and your general medical health.  You will then be required to undress to your underwear (gowns are provided) and a number of tests will be carried out to determine the cause of the pain and formulate a diagnosis.  Should the chiropractor think necessary, you may be referred for an x-ray, MRI scan blood tests or to another specialist.

If chiropractic treatment is going to be beneficial the chiropractor will discuss their findings with you and a probable diagnosis, recommend a treatment plan and outline a prognosis for the complaint. Treatment may involve spinal manipulation, soft tissue work and even dry needling.  We also offer a wide range of low force techniques if spinal manipulation is not suitable or you don’t want it.

Treatment is often (but not always) carried out on the initial consultation.  After care advice is always given about the use of ice and heat for analgesia. At the second visit (last approximately 30 mins) we will again discuss your diagnosis, prognosis and recommended treatment plan.  This is done as people who are in pain often cannot remember fully what has been discussed with them.  We will spend time answering your questions and try to alleviate any fears that you still have.

In order to achieve the best results from chiropractic care it is important to follow the advice and recommendations of the chiropractor.  The frequency and length of treatment varies widely from one person to the next but often involves the type and severity of the condition, the length of time that you have been suffering, your age, occupation, recreational activities and your general health.

Simple problems are often sorted quickly and may only need a visit once a week for a short period.  More severe complex problems may take longer and require a more intense treatment program.  Each chiropractic treatment builds on the one before therefore it is essential that you attend your treatment in order to obtain the best outcome.  

After the initial pain stage has been resolved you may want to consider preventative treatment.  This usually occurs every couple of months.  Think of it like servicing your car every 10.000 miles, keeping your spine moving optimally keeps you out of trouble.

Regular visits

All subsequent visits will last for approximately 15 minutes.  As treatment is under way we can quickly assess the spine and adjust what is needed.

We are aware that your time is valuable therefore we will always strive to run on time.  Your cooperation with this is very much appreciated.